Mikoyan Experimental Design Bureau

The Russian school of an aeronautical engineering design has made as the basis of its activity the ensuring of aircraft high performance in combination with reliability, simplicity in operation and capability for further development of aviation complexes built on the basis of aircraft developed by the Corporation.

The traditional, personal connections with the people in hundreds of organizations-subcontractors - from research organizations with which Corporation "MiG" is cooperating during decades and to the suppliers of vendor items, from the governmental leaders to the customers, create the favourable conditions when there are real capabilities for designing of advanced aeronautical engineering. RAC "MiG" is proud of strong and friendly relations with the military customers all over the world.
The scientific, design and manufacturing potential accumulated during decades is maintained and is being intensively developed. The numerous R&D performed at the RAC "MiG" expenses considerably contributed recently to the Corporation potential preservation.
Last years the hardware base of design, development and experimental activities is essentially enhanced, new calculation techniques are tested, digital methods in the design engineering of a new aeronautical engineering are introduced.
RAC "MiG" intensively uses CAD/CAM/CAE-systems integrated into a unified complex by a PLM-system Teamcenter. The design and technical publications for new aircraft are elaborated completely in digital format.
The following areas are dynamically developed:
• creation of mathematical support for top level onboard computers, aircraft monitoring and control systems; 
• creation of new types of technical training means (computer training classes for training of flight and technical personnel and different types of simulators); 
• creation of ground support integrated systems of aircraft operation, flight mission preparation systems, etc.

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