115 Anniversary from the Birthdate of Artem Ivanovich Mikoyan, an Outstanding Aircraft Designer

Artem Mikoyan, a prominent aircraft designer and creator
of legendary “MiG” aircraft was born 115 years ago

Aircraft created under the guidance of Artem Mikoyan even during his life time appeared to become the implementation of the top design idea and an example to follow for foreign partners. These aircraft are in military service of our country and more than 50 countries of the world,day by day confirming the power of the Russian weapon.


А. I.Mikoyan is famous as a creator of the first line aircraft series. Among them:  MiG-3 a participant of the Great Patriotic War, MiG-9, MiG-15, MiG-17 - first domestic jet fighters, MiG-19, MiG-21-first supersonic fighters, MiG-23-variable swept wing aircraft, MiG-25 family.

Aircraft created under the guidance of Artem Ivanovich brought not only worldwide recognition to the designer himself and his Experimental Design Bureau but stated strong authority of our country being one of the largest aeronautic countries of the world. “MiG” aircraft have always been the embodiment of the latest achievements of scientific and technical progress; the newest design decisions and advanced technologies.

Nowadays Design school created by Artem Mikoyan continues to progress. Traditions and methods of work, established by Artem Ivanovich still influence the creation of new generation of domestic aircraft. At present, the Experimental Design Bureau is working on elaboration of new projects for aviation equipment to the benefit of the Russian Military Forces.


Company Information:

Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG (incorporated into PJSC “UAC”, SC “Rostec”) – is a complete cycle enterprise, which performs development, production, post-sales support and upgrade of aircraft equipment, training of pilots and engineering technical staff. Product range of the company includes fighters’ family of MiG-29K/KUB, MiG-29M/M2, fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM, the newest MiG-35 aviation complex and training systems.  Designers of RAC “MiG” are involved in design of new generation aviation systems both manned and unmanned.



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