“Best Young Professional 2020” award

Best young professional 2020 award  took place solemnly on Friday, September 25th.

The competition was held from February to August, 2020. Most of the time the projects were worked at during the pandemia not always having an opportunity to obtain and check the data, make experiments. Nevertheless, practically all the projects were completed.
For the first time in the competition history due to a great number of applications lodged the “Design and Development” section was divided and added with “Upgrade and applied researches”. Sections “Design and Development”, “Production and production system”, “Personnel training and development” gained most projects.
It has always been important for “MiG” Corporation to enhance the young specialists’ level, who will be able in future to find new solutions in the field of production and other technological tasks for the purpose of which such important competitions are held.
Prizes were awarded by Managing Director of “MiG” Corporation Andrey Gerasimchuk.
Congratulations to the winners!

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