Sokol aircraft plant specialists to receive “School of structural subdivision leader” training

On 2 October, 2020 at Sokol Aircraft plant in Nizhny Novgorod the training course of “School of structural subdivision leader” commenced. 16 leaders of plant structural subdivisions appointed recently to the leadership position take part in the training activities. 

The training programme for the managerial personnel of Sokol aircraft plant is implemented based on order of Vladimir Semenov, the Director of the plant, with the purpose of employees skill level improvement in the field of economics, human resources management, quality assurance system  and production management.  

The training events are organized on the basis of the plant training centre. 
The curriculum comprises four subject modules. Within the framework of training  lectures, trainings and business games, namely, “Production planning”, “Methods of improvement of workshop effectiveness”, “Business hours planning”, “Holding of staff meeting”, “Personnel motivation” etc. are planned.
The instructors of the course are JSC “RAC “MiG” corporate trainers as well as chief and leading specialists of Sokol Aircraft Plant. 
It is planned that training events for Sokol Aircraft Plant structural subdivisions leaders will take place till April 2021 and final summing up of the results - in July.
P.S. Sokol aircraft plant management expresses special gratitude to Konstantin Mikhailov, speaker of the first training day of the course, for the interesting lecture “Special features of “RAC “MiG” organization structure and its connection with processes and role model of project management”.

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