43 anniversary of MiG-29 light frontline fighter first flight

6 October, 1977
43 years ago the first flight of MiG-29 light frontline fighter performed by test pilot A. Fedotov took place.

Altogether 6 prototype and 8 initial batch aircraft constructed in years 1977 – 1982 at the A. Mikoyan prototype production facilities and P. Dementev Moscow Aircraft Production Corporation, where production of new fighters was planned to be launched, took part in  MiG-29 flight tests. The last aircraft of the initial batch became standard for the serial production.
In 1982 the aircraft was put in serial production and in June 1987 MiG-29 fighter became operational.
The first international performance of MiG-29 took place in the year 1986 during 234 guards fighters regiment pilots visit to Finland within the period from 30 June to 3 July. In September, 1988 MiG-29 for the first time appeared at the International Airshow in Farnborough. Western observers were impressed with the new aircraft capabilities and its outstanding manoeuvrability. Since the year 1986 the aircraft has been exported extensively to many countries. So far more than 1700  MiG-29 aircraft of different modifications, including ship-borne fighters, have been manufactured  at JSC “RAC “MiG” plants.
The aircraft performance and upgrade capabilities used in the design allow it to remain in serial production and be a long stock of orders for many years ahead even after decades from the production start date.
MiG-29 is considered as the best-in-the-world light frontline fighter and is truly the source of pride for its designers.

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