“MiG” Corporation upgraded Integrated Aircraft Control System

Engineering staff of RAC “MIG” (as part of PJSC “UAC“ of ROSTEC State Corporation) received a patent for non-linear compensating device for aircraft automatic flight control systems.

The Russian specialists managed to resolve the issue of pilot’s induced oscillations, which appear during “manual” operation of aircraft at violent maneuvering (so-called PIO-oscillations).  They lead to instability in aircraft control and cause emergency situations. The invention has been already tested and installed on MiG-29М/М2 and MiG-35 fighters.
“Patented device will allow to increase safety of flight and reduce pilot’s occupancy in the cockpit,”- Andrey Gerasimchuk, Managing Director of “MiG” Corporation stated. 
The non-linear compensating device is installed in front of the flight control actuator. It helps a combat aircraft not to exceed maximum allowed speed mode. Besides, the non-linear compensating device excludes time lag of signal entering flight control actuator. 
“PIO-oscillations occur when the pilot cannot adapt for sudden change in dynamics of vehicle during the implementation of complicated mission. Our invention allows to make the flight safer”,–Yury Obolensky, Deputy Chief Designer on aircraft Control Systems of “MiG” Corporation explained. 

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