Complex of technical training aids

The complex of technical training aids is intended for mastering by the flight and technical personnel the theoretical knowledge and practical experience for the aircraft operation, maintaining and recovery of its professional skills with simultaneous assessment of the level of knowledge, experience and skills.

The complex includes:
– interactive computer-based training system;
– full-mission (integrated) simulator;
– combat part-task simulator.


Interactive computer-based training system (ICBTS)

ICBTS ensures:
– theoretical, initial practical training of engineers and technicians to operate the aircraft in accordance with the Maintenance Schedules, Maintenance an Repair Manuals;
– technical preparation of the flight personnel;
– mastering the theoretic principles of air navigation and combat employment.

Interactive computer-based training system consists of:
– computer-based systems of group and individual training with workstations of trainees and instructor;
– library of training programs and system of training process control;
– procedure simulators which are able to master the initial practical skills in controlling the aircraft systems;
– mobile informational system with electronic operation and maintenance documentation, catalogues of failures and methods of their trouble shooting, aircraft maintenance task cards, 3-D model of aircraft structure and its parts.

Full-mission (integrated) simulator

Full-mission (integrated) simulator provides for practice of tasks related to the piloting technique and combat employment in the scope exceeding 90% of combat training course exercises.

This simulator consists of the aircraft cockpit, multi-channel visualization system, computerized instructor’s workstation, ancillary computerized pilot’s workstation (option).

The full-mission (integrated) simulator can be provided with the motion system which is the dynamic bench with six degrees of freedom.

Combat part-task simulator

Combat part-task simulator provides for practice of tasks related to the piloting technique and combat employment. Its composition is similar to that of the full-mission simulator but its functional capabilities are somewhat lower.

The full-mission (integrated) simulator and combat part-task simulator are provided with different visualization systems (based on computer monitors, wide-screen displays or laser projectors. The visualization systems image in real time the actual picture of air and ground situation in various weather conditions and at day and night.

The unique features of simulators supplied by the RAC "MiG":
– absolutely adequate imaging of the situation due to using of the most precise and all time corrected mathematical models of the MiG aircraft and its armament;
– systematic and timely changes introduced in software by the results of the accumulated and analyzed static information on operation of aircraft equipment and simulators;
– possibility of testing all modes including critical ones based on the information on aircraft operation available at the RAC "MiG" which is constantly replenished;
– simulator updating in accordance with the standard aircraft upgrading;
– networking of simulators including the territory distributed network in order to practice in real time the group actions and to simulate the operations.

Except training the complex of technical training aids can make easier:

– practice of real combat missions at the simulators;
– operational support and trouble shooting;
– documenting of individual results of the flight and technical personnel training during service.

The RAC "MiG" provides for the post-sale service of the supplied training facilities including their upgrading.

The experience of using the complex of technical training aids demonstrates that it enables:
– to reduce the cost of pilots’ training by 25-30%;
– to cut the training period twice;
– to save the service life of combat aircraft;
– to reduce the consumption of petroleum, oil and lubricants and expensive aviation weapons;
– to minimize the damage to the environment.

The complexes of technical training aids for the MiG-29B, MiG-29SE, MiG-29SMT fighters are in serial production and operated by the customers.

The complex of technical training aids for the fighters of the unified family of MiG-29K/KUB, MiG-29M/M2, MiG-35/MiG-35D is at the stage of development and introduction.

At the customer’s request within short period of time the complexes of technical training aids for the MiG-31E, MiG-27, MiG-23, MiG-21 aircraft can be developed on the basis of the existing methodology and technology base.

The training can be conducted at the territory of Russia including the RAC "MiG" and territories of countries-customers.

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