MiG-35 newest fighter

MiG-35 fighter is the newest aviation complex and the top element in “MiG” aircraft family. MiG-35 (single-seater) & MiG-35D (twin-seater) aircraft are made with 5th generation technologies.

The up-to-date production and technological base was modernized to provide the possibility of high rate aircraft serial production at the superior level  of quality.

Pre-production prototypes of MiG-35 aircraft have been manufactured on order of MoD of the Russian Federation and has being tested in the interests of  the Air and Space Forces of Russia.

MiG-35 fighter is designated to destroy air targets, day and night, under adverse weather conditions, as well as the destruction of moving and stationary ground (surface) targets.

Main Features:

  • reduced radar signature
  • three channel fly-by-wire control system with quadruple redundancy
  • new generation avionics: airborne AESA radar, optical electronic station,
    helmet-mounted target designation and display system
  • modern information and control field of a cockpit with high degree of automation
  • all types of guided and unguided weapon including innovative guided bombs
  • new engines with increased trust
  • in-flight refueling and possibility of using as a tanker
  • complete unification of single-seater and two-seater aircraft
  • operability and mobility of ground maintenance system
  • full cycle of highly professional training for flight and technical personnel.

Modern avionics in combination with advanced weapons allow the MiG-35 fighter fulfill a great number of missions:

  • air superiority gaining against four & fifth generation fighters;
  • interception of existing and being developed air attack means;
  • ground/surface targets destruction with high precision weapons without entering the air defense zone day and night in any weather conditions;
  • air reconnaissance using optical-electronic and radio-technical equipment;
  • participation in group actions and air control over groups of fighters.


Technical characteristics:

Crew – 1 or 2 pilots
Maximum take-off weight – 24 500 kg
Maximum external load – 6 500 kg
Number of hard points – 9
Total trust – up to 18 000 kgf
Maximum speed – 2 100 km/h
Service ceiling – 16 000 m
Maximum operational g-load – 9
Maximum operational range– 3 000 km


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